Fiesta Mayor de la Creu Alta – Sabadell (May 2023)

Fiesta Mayor de la Creu Alta Sabadell

Nothing like playing at home

When they proposed this gig to us that would take place in a Plaza where a lot of important bands have played over the decades, something tells you that you are doing things right.

But if you have also been watching those concerts since you were a child and dreaming of being the one who will be up there one day, the perspective changes completely.

That is the case of our singer who has experienced all this, since Sabadell is the city where he was born and where to this day he continues to reside with his family. A cocktail that makes this a very special concert.

Sabadell is a city that is very close to the province of Barcelona with approximately 212,000 inhabitants, where such important artists as Sergio Dalma or Albert Pla among others have come from.

Ready for the show

If anything lets you know that a night can be epic, it’s when moments before a gig you take a look from behind the stage and see that the place is packed to capacity with people.

And that is what happened in the Plaza Creu Alta, which was packed to the rafters with people willing to dance and sing Queen’s hits.

We went out on stage at full capacity with an audience also full and wasting energy on each song as we always do, also soaking up the energy of each of the people who were there enjoying the show, going through songs like A Kind of magic or Play the game with our singer on the piano to finish with an encore composed of a solo by our drummer and end with We will rock you and We are the champions, receiving a strong ovation while God save the Queen played.


We want to thank the organization for giving us this magnificent opportunity to make ourselves known in Sabadell and to all the attendees for the support and applause received during and after the show.

Thank you very much to all!

How to book a tribute to Queen in Sabadell?

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4. Contract signing and confirmation: Once we have agreed on the details and budget, we will proceed to draft a contract that specifies all the agreed terms and conditions. After you have reviewed and signed the contract, we will consider the date reserved for your event in Sabadell and provide you with written confirmation.

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