Sala Independance de Madrid (July 2023)

Bulsara Tribute Independance en Madrid

We are going to Madrid

On July 9 we had to go to the Spanish capital to offer a concert at noon for all audiences at the Independance room, a venue located very close to the Atocha station.

This was our first foray into Madrid so we were especially excited to be able to show our show live for all the people who came to see us.

We arrived early in the morning to set up and do the sound checks and once we had finished with an hour to go, we decided to leave the room to walk around the area.

Normally, when you go to play far from home, you don’t usually have expectations of how many people there will be, but if there had been, we would never have imagined the line of people that had formed at the entrance waiting for the venue to open.

The fact that it was our first time in the city was no obstacle for a lot of people to get together to enjoy all of Queen’s hits performed by an unprecedented band in Madrid.

Ready, Set, Go!

Once ready for the gig and with a full room, we began our concert with the now usual One Vision with everyone present, an audience made up of people of all ages dedicated from minute one.

We have to say that when you come across something like this, it makes us feel comfortable with what we are offering and helps us to continue improving day by day.

The intensity of the audience did not decrease throughout the show, chanting Queen songs, songs like Love of My Life or We Will Rock You, ending with We Are the Champions.


First of all, we want to thank that audience of ten, all those people who came to see us and filled Club Independance singing, applauding and cheering for the band.

Many thanks to the room staff, waiters, technicians, etc.

And to the promoter of Club Independance for bringing us to Madrid and trusting in us.

If you are thinking of organizing a Tribute to Queen in your city, you can contact us to give you all the information.