Sala la Nau-Barcelona (abril 2023)

Bulsara Tributo a Queen en Sala la Nau-Barcelona

Concert in Barcelona

Going to play in Barcelona is like playing at home, since some of us live there and others find it very close to our residence.

That is why this concert was in a certain way very special, because it was an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the people of Barcelona and for friends and family to come and see us.

Sala la Nau is located in Poble Nou, an area well known for hosting some of the most mythical concert halls in Barcelona and located very close to the coast and what was the Olympic area.


La Nau is a venue that offers a very broad line-up of concerts and has a very special charm, especially its acoustics that allow for excellent sound in live performances and a professional-level stage and equipment.

The show begins

We started the gig with a lot of energy as we always do with the song One Vision, a song that is included in the album A Kind of Magic and that Queen chose to start their Magic Tour concerts that included 26 shows throughout Western Europe.

Then Tie your mother down, another great song with a lot of rhythm so that the audience that filled the room got fully involved in the concert and we continue with the rest of the hits that we all know such as Another one bites the dust, Love of my life, Play the game or I want it all, ending with an encore with the hymns We will rock you surrounded by the songs of the entire audience and We are the champions.

At the end of the gig, as we always do, we went down to greet the attendees and take photos with everyone who wanted to.


Before saying thank you, we want to say that it was a very special night for us and that we are very happy for the warmth of the public that was sensational, we really feel like Queen.

Thank you very much to the public who are part of the show and demonstrated it with their shouts and applause.

Thanks to Nau and her workers for the welcome, they made us feel at home.

Thanks to Rubén, the promoter, for the opportunity and thanks to our assistant Isabel for all that hard work that you can’t see and that is so important for everything to run like silk.